YouTubeチャンネル「れぽんちゃんねる」で歌を歌っています~♪|I sing on the YouTube channel "Repon-chan Channel"~♪






童謡を題材にピアノとアレンジが永田結衣子さん、三味線駒田早代さん、歌は私で収録し、ダンスはErikaさんが振りつけてくださり、Rayline Studioの皆さんがウサギや鬼のキャラクターのCGを付けてくださいます。




Hello everyone.

It’s February, and the sun has been shining like spring since Risshun (the first day of spring) passed.

For me, February is a time of excitement for the coming of spring, and also a time of excitement and sentimental feelings of missing the season that is going away.

I am sure that some of you reading this article are graduating from school, entering the workforce, or going through some other changes. Some of you may not be changing at all.

Well, as the title says, I have been singing on YouTube “Repon-chan Channel” since the summer of 2023.

The song is based on a children’s song, with piano and arrangement by Ms. Yuko Nagata, shamisen by Ms. Sayo Komada, and singing by myself, and Dance is Erica.

The other day, the number of views exceeded 100,000, and we are very happy to see that so many people are watching our channel.

We hope you will enjoy the channel and look forward to updating.